TNR Registration – Petzone Clinic


Thank you for choosing to take part in this TNR initiative with Royal Canin UAE and Petzone Veterinary Clinic 20-22th April 2021.

  • TNR stands for Trap-Neuter-Release. It is a safe way to manage feline colonies with feral and stray cats. A humane trap is used to catch the stray cat, the animal is then taken to a veterinary clinic to get spayed.
  • The next step is for the cat to get ear-tipped, which involves removing one centimeter from the tip of the left ear in order to indicate that they has been spayed.
  • We do not provide traps or pick-up or delivery of the cat to and from the clinic. 
  • The limit is 1 cat per resident.
  • One overnight stay in the clinic is offered as part of the procedure. If a cat requires more than one night’s boarding, the option is available to pay for further in the clinic or you will be offered one bag of food to care for the cat in your house if this is a possibility. We understand that this is not feasible for all rescuers, but would lift some of the pressure on the clinic resources. 


Sorry, this TNR campaign is already fully booked.