How to choose a snake

Choose_A_Snake_01Snakes are fascinating, and with regular handling can be quite tame. However, snakes are obviously not the right pets for everyone. They have unique requirements and should only be kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. If you are new to pet snakes, find out what you should consider before deciding on a pet snake, and what species are the best snakes for beginners.

Whether you already own a snake or are just thinking about purchasing one, it is important that you have all of the information necessary to provide your pet with everything he needs to be healthy and happy.

Are you looking for a small snake, a medium-sized snake, or a large snake? The answer to this question will be determined by several things, including the amount of space in your home you can allot to your snake’s enclosure. Can you spare a whole room for your snake to roam free in? Or will he need to be confined to a small cage? Also, keep in mind that all snakes are relatively small as juveniles, but some commonly kept adult snakes can grow to be over 12 feet long. Plan ahead by not purchasing a snake that you will be unable to house when he reaches his full length.

Choose_A_Snake_02Is it important to you to be able to spend time holding your snake? Some snakes seem to enjoy being handled while others would rather remain in their cages. Also, some snakes grow so large that handling becomes nearly impossible and sometimes life-threatening under certain conditions. If spending time physically playing with your pet is something that is very important to you, you may want to choose a different pet altogether, as snakes require very gentle handling and should only be removed from their cages when they are willing

When keeping a snake as a pet, your safety and the safety of others in your household must also be considered. Learning how to create a secure enclosure and how to handle your snake will help to ensure you and your pet many safe and enjoyable years together.

We offer a wide variety of snakes, ranging from corn snakes to carpet pythons with many different colours and strains.

All of are snakes are NON-Venomous.