Applied to Veterinary Immunology and Bacteriology, quick and simple in-vitro diagnostic techniques give the vets reliable answers in everyday practice and emergency medicine. Economical, these techniques can also be used for the prophylactic screening of subclinical infections.

BVT has been developing and commercializing rapid diagnostic tests exclusively designed for Animal Health for over 15 years. BVT is committed to provide practicing vets with an extensive range of innovative products, using the best adapted diagnostic techniques. The quality of the products is strictly controlled using an ISO 9001 process.

Guarantee of reliability, the SpeedĀ® range is now available in nearly 40 countries over the 5 continents. BVT veterinary supplies imported and distributed through SV Animal Health LLC, licensed by the MOEW.

Head Office (UAE)

Saint Vincent Group
Umm Ramoul Area
9th Street
PO Box 26132
Dubai - UAE

+971 4 285 6628

SV Animal Health (UAE)

SV Animal Health
Umm Ramoul Area
9th Street
PO Box 26132
Dubai - UAE

+971 4 285 6628

QATAR Branch

Saint Vincent Trading
Bu Sulba Warehousing Park
Warehouse #B9-13
PO Box 96728
Doha - QATAR

+974 5070 0778

OMAN Branch

Muscat Animal Care Company
New Rusail Industrial Area
Warehouse 12
PO Box 1427 PC 111
Muscat - OMAN

+968 9326 7268

Bahrain Branch

SV Animal Care
Building 1565, Unit 1942
The Diplomat Office Towers
Street 1722
Manama - BAHRAIN

+971 4 285 6628