2023 Royal Canin Product Launch

🎉 Exciting News! 🐱 On September 22nd at the Queen Elizabeth 2 venue, we unveiled the NEW Sensory Wet Food Range by Royal Canin UAE – a game-changer in feline nutrition.

🍽️Introducing the Sensory range, meticulously crafted to delight your cat’s senses:

SMELL offers aromatic properties from sustainable fish, emphasizing attractive fatty, fruity, and nutty components.

TASTE delights with chicken and nuances of roast, meat, and caramel to uniquely captivate your cat’s sophisticated palate.

FEEL introduces textures that amplify your cat’s tactile feeding experience.

Cats crave novelty, and with the Sensory range, mealtime is more than just food – it’s a sensory journey for your feline friend. 😺

Dr. Hannah Rowles, our Scientific Communications head, shared valuable insights into catering to fussy cats’ preferences, and our lively host, Anil Lobo, added a touch of humor to the event, leaving smiles all around. 😄

Don’t miss out on the highlights from our fantastic launch event on our Instagram page. Cheers to more exciting ventures ahead! 🥂#RoyalCanin#RoyalCaninUAE#AnilLobo#ProductLaunch#SensoryFeeding