Royal Canin CPD 2023 Wound Management

We were thrilled to host vets from all over the Gulf region for our CPD evening and gala dinner at the Sofitel, the Palm. Georgie Hollis is a UK-based expert on wound management and the founder of the Veterinary Wound Library and the Bandaging Angels in the UK- providing online support and telemedicine services to veterinary teams all over the world. Georgie was on hand to review the physiology of wound management and how to best support the natural process of healing with nutrition and dressings. She was able to guide us through case studies and debunk popular myths around wounds- including how and why honey works (never straight from the jar!) and where to start when you open your dressings box. It was a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with our veterinary and nursing teams near and far and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!