A’Sharqiyah University Roadshow

Muscat Animal Care Company 🐾 was thrilled to attend the Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine graduation ceremony in celebration of their third-year students at A’Sharqiyah University, Ibra, Oman. 🎓

MACC attended in association with Muscat Veterinary Center. 🤝

Our Scientific Communications team 🧪 were invited to participate in the day as speakers on their specialties – Current topics in companion animal nutrition 🐶🐱 and Zoonosis in the Gulf region 🌍 – always with a quiz for some healthy competition! 🏆

It is truly a pleasure to meet the next generation of veterinary students on such a historic occasion for A’Sharqiyah University .We even managed to save the day as one of the goats made a bid for freedom!

Preparing for the next phase of their journey with their clinical studies, we wish them the very best of luck! 🍀 And we hope the texts from Royal Canin donated to their library 📚 will support them in their exciting veterinary journey! #SupportingFutureVets#Grads2023#VeterinaryMedicine 🎉