Seachem Workshops

Seachem is a US company owned and operated by hobbyists, aiming at solving aquarists’ problems based on sound science. Their products cover the full spectrum of aquarium needs in freshwater, seawater and reefs.

SV-Companies were proud to be hosting a series of three Seachem workshops with guest experts from USA, Luis Navaro and Brian Miller. Luis is the founder of the Nature Aquarium Society of Houston (NASH) and is known as one of the original pioneers of Aquascaping in the US. Brian has been with Seachem for nearly 20 years and 35 years in the aquatics industry.

The workshops were held around Dubai over 9-12th May, at three of our big aquatics store customers, Dubai Pet Food, Pet Zone and Famous Flowers. Each session consisted of a combination of both live workshops and Seachem product training sessions.

The seminars were filled with information from our two aquascaping gurus, including lots of insider tips on how to get the very best out of the market leading Seachem aquascape products. Between the two of them there was no aquascaping question they could not answer- it really was a unique opportunity to pick their brains and share their wealth of knowledge. We thank everyone who took part, especially Brian and Luis for making the trip from USA to spend their valuable time with us and support our customers here in UAE