SV 16 Year Celebration

After a successful yet challenging year for our team, we were delighted to be able to invite them to a festive celebration on the 10th December. The waterfront in the Palazzo Versace Al Jaddaf was the perfect place to appreciate the amazing Dubai weather. 

Amazing food was shared in the gardens of the hotel, whilst we listened to an overview of the year and goals for the future from the managing director Jean-Charles Hameau. 

We warmed up with a game or two of Bingo- to get into the competitive spirit!- followed by a scavenger hunt around the beautiful grounds, the Como gardens (I cannot remember if this is the correct name for the area we were in). A UAE-themed quiz rounded off the evening’s activities- do you know the fastest breed of falcon? Or the national tree of the UAE?

Then it was time for music and dancing- and some truly wonderful entertainment in the form of our very own SV band- Paul, Emmanuel, Josephine and Christine serenaded us under the stars- showcasing their tremendous talent- beyond their administrative skills!

We danced the night away after one (or two) rounds of dessert- and wish to thank all of our staff for making the event such a success! 

Without our dedicated team, we would never achieve the growth/success we have seen in 2021 and we now look to the future with anticipation!