Royal Canin Behaviour Webinar

We are delighted to be partnering with Dr Katrin Jahn to bring you a live webinar sponsored by Royal Canin UAE.

We explored the bond between the owner and dog, and the emotional development during puppyhood. Both genetic and environmental factors play a part; with recent changes to everyone’s routine resulting in feelings of anxiety in many pets. Dr Katrin’s  advise where and when intervention is most effective and the tools that can help.

We also addressed the challenges when fostering and adopting animals and discussed how to settle new members of the family into their forever home!


Dr Katrin Jahn is the founder and owner of the German Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi which opened in 2008. Prior to this, Dr Katrin worked in general and referral practice in the UK and earnt the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ‘Certificate in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Pain Relief’ as well as completing a doctorate thesis in Animal Behaviour. Dr Katrin is currently in the midst of a 4 year residency in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine under the mentorship of Dr Theresa DePorter and Dr Kersti Seksel.

The German Veterinary Clinic is the first ISFM Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic in the Middle East as well as the first clinic in the region to be enrolled in the Fear Free Certification Program. Dr Katrin regularly appears on ‘Pets and Vets’ on Dubai Eye, offering advice and support on all aspects of pet care.

Watch it now on our YouTube channel, click the link below.