Producing over 8,000 tons of coffee a year, Malongo coffee is a global leader of fair trade coffees and bio-coffees. Originating from Nice France, Malongo has been roasting coffee since 1934. The coffee is available in bean, ground and pod format which are made from natural, chlorine-free filter paper that does not affect the coffee’s flavour. There are also a selection of herbal teas and infusions that are organic and fair trade.

Whether you visit a boutique or shop online, Malongo sell gifts, designer machines and exceptional brews that protect the environment, support sustainable development and the men and women working for them.

UAE Branch

SV Group
Umm Ramoul Area
9th Street
PO Box 26132
Dubai - UAE

+971 4 285 6628

QATAR Branch

SV Trading
Bu Sulba Warehousing Park
Warehouse #B9-13
P.O. Box 96728
Doha - QATAR

+974 5070 0778